Guanxuan | Azure Biosystems acquires Canadian Dx BioTech

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Azure Biosystems is excited to announce the acquisition of Dx BioTech and its breakthrough FiberFlowFluidicsTM fiber-optic flow cell technology. The acquisition expands Azure's original portfolio of proteomics products, enabling intellectual property to be applied to single-cell analysis and maintaining Azure's position as a leading innovator in proteomics instruments.

Today's commercial flow cytometers are not only bulky, expensive, but also very sensitive to vibration, which makes them expensive to maintain and difficult to move. This sensitivity is the result of "open" free-space lasers and optical structures - the laser and the probing path must be perfectly aligned, otherwise the instrument's functionality will be greatly impaired. Azure's newly acquired fiber-optic flow cytometry technology fills this gap by effectively constraining the laser and light path and aligning the target through the fiber. This result is the basis for a more powerful, robust, smaller, and even more portable flow cytometer, and can bring this gold-standard cellular and proteomic analysis technology to more laboratories.
Alnoor Shivji, CEO and Chairman of Azure Biosystems, said: "Dx BioTech's fiber-based flow cytometry technology is the perfect complement to our intellectual property portfolio. It complements our existing assets and advances our instrument vision. Significant value is achieved by freeing scientists from technological constraints."
Sia Ghazvini, Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations, Azure Biosystems, is also passionate about the recent acquisition. “We look forward to integrating Dx BioTech fiber microfluidic technology into a more robust, differentiated commercial flow cytometer. I am excited to continue to innovate in the field of proteomics instruments."
About Azure Biosystems
Azure Biosystems Inc. is an innovative life sciences platform company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art scientific instruments including the AOTM microplate reader, the C SeriesTM versatile Western Blot imaging platform and the SapphireTM multi-function dual-mode organism. Molecular imager. Azure Biosystem's experienced team has developed second and third generation imaging systems for the life sciences market, applying their technology and market knowledge to creating innovative industry standards development platforms.
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