Echo is an innovative company headquartered in San Diego, California. Several like-minded young people found the company when they find out the simple microscopes in market have limit in applications because of their short operational distance; while the inverted microscopes have longer operational distance but the imaging quality is lower than regular microscope. Thinking about how to combine the two advantages, Echo has its own answer.

Revolve’s hybrid microscope combines the strength of both regular and inverted microscope, making it convenient and small. It can be easily switched between regular and inverted modes. At the same time, the iOS based Echo app makes control more human.

Echo Revolve Hybrid microscope has won widely recognition. Standford, Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, UCSD, USC, and other renowned universities have being using it. Now, Echo Laboratory is cooperating with Cycloud Bio to enter the Chinese market and open a new page of Revolve Hybrid Microscope.

Introducing Echo