About Eurofins DiscoverX Corporation

Eurofins DiscoverXEurofins DiscoverX is an innovative company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes reagents, complete cell-based assay kits, profiling and screening services as well as other turnkey solutions for the drug discovery, screening, and life science markets. Our biochemical and cell-based assays enable customers to improve research productivity and effectiveness of their screening, lead optimization and SAR campaigns, thus accelerating the discovery and development of new drugs. Plus, with the addition of the BioMAP® platform of human primary cell systems for phenotypic profiling, Eurofins DiscoverX offers a powerful tool to deliver physiologically relevant insights and integrated solutions for all stages of discovery from target and lead discovery to preclinical and beyond.
Acquired by Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services in 2017, Eurofins DiscoverX is dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative solutions for discovery research.

The Company pioneered the use of β-galactosidase enzyme fragment complementation (EFC) for discovery research. EFC technology is a proven, established screening platform in most major pharmaceutical companies and our EFC-based HitHunter® cAMP assays are the market leader in GPCR screening applications. PathHunter® and InCELL Hunter™ technology platforms, an adaptation of EFC technology, are an innovative and comprehensive assay system that enables live cell-based assays for pathway profiling and compound screening. In addition to the EFC platform, Eurofins DiscoverX also holds extensive intellectual property for its second core technology, an in vitro binding assay platform called KINOMEscanSM. Through our core technologies, Eurofins DiscoverX is able to offer assay solutions for every major class of drug target, including GPCRs, kinases, bromodomains, methyltranseferases, proteases, nuclear hormone receptors, cytokines, transcription factors and secreted proteins.