Warmly celebrate the French Stilla technologies winning Illumina Ventures financing of 16 million euros

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New York (GenomeWeb) - On November 20, 2018, France's Stilla Technologies announced that it has completed a €16 million ($18.3 million) Series A round led by Illumina Ventures. Supporters for this round of financing are Kurma Partners, LBO France, BNP Paribas Développement, Paris Saclay Seeds & Idinvest Partners. As part of the financing, Nick Naclerio from Illumina Ventures, Philippe Peltier from Kurma Partners, and Philippe Chambon from LBO France replaced the seed round investor and joined the Stilla board of directors.
The NaicaTM Crystal automatic microdroplet digital PCR system developed by Stilla Technologies of France has high sensitivity and high precision. It uses the unique cutting-edge microfluidic innovative 2D Sapphire chip as the core of the whole system design, integrated in a single instrument. The generation and amplification of droplets has a unique three-color detection channel. Since 2016, this innovative three-color detection digital PCR system has been listed in Europe and the United States, and officially entered the Chinese market in 2017. It has been widely recognized in the field of molecular detection and diagnosis, such as clinical research institutions and diagnostic reagent development companies, and its automation and integration. The degree of performance, the excellent performance of 25,000~30,000 effective droplets, and the powerful and user-friendly software interface are all very satisfactory feedback on the market. Stilla is currently developing a six-color fluorescent channel reading device that is reasonably designed for ease of use.
Stilla said that this round of financing will be used to promote the commercial development and clinical application of Naica TM Crystal automatic micro-droplet digital PCR system. Specifically, Stilla will accelerate the sale of the Naica TM Crystal fully automated microdroplet digital PCR system, launch a second-generation solution and begin clinical validation, especially in the field of oncology, where Dr. Remi Dangla, founder of Stilla Technologies, makes a statement .
Dangla also pointed out that "through the NaicaTM Crystal automatic microtiter chip digital PCR system, researchers around the world are building a new generation of high-precision genetic testing methods for cancer diagnosis, prenatal testing, transgenic testing and liquid in vivo testing."
Naclerio said in the statement: "The Naica TM Crystal automatic micro-drop chip digital PCR system developed and launched by the Stilla Technologies team in Europe and Asia is very good and the seed financing is very limited. With these additional resources, we believe that Stilla Technologies can become The global leader in digital PCR and the lowest cost platform for liquid biopsy."
The financing of Illumina Ventures means that Stilla technologies will have more developments in the clinical field, especially for providing tools and techniques for detecting genetic traits in the early stages of cancer treatment, allowing liquid biopsy to be incorporated into clinical practice as one of the corroboration methods for individualized solutions. In the workflow, the clinician is better informed about the effectiveness of the treatment plan and has a guiding significance for the patient's next personalized treatment plan.
About Illumina Ventures
Founded in 2016 and headquartered in California, Illumina Ventures is an independently operated venture capital firm focused on healthcare organizations. The agency invests primarily in early-stage companies with a focus on life sciences, physiology, agriculture and environmental sciences, public safety and personal health.
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