New Product Delivery|KeyProTM KP100 Bio-contamination Fast Purifier -5min Eliminate RnaseA

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Potential biological contamination is prevalent in laboratories, especially RNase A enzymes, which are difficult to completely inactivate in the absence of long-term heat treatment or irritating chemicals. And these treatment methods may be incompatible with common laboratory materials or complicate subsequent biochemical reactions. The rapid and complete deactivation of the RNase A enzyme by the mercury lamp source has been difficult to achieve because the output power of the source wavelength is low and the inactivation is not complete. Commonly used technologies take a long time and cost.
The KeyProTM KP100 Bio-Pollution UV Purifier combines LED arrays, optics and thermal cooling technology with SLMTM patented technology to maximize disinfection and stain removal. Elimination of pollution, no residue, no flushing, can save up to 90% of chemical decontamination time and cost. Simply apply the reagents and solutions before purging the sample.

> Touch screen operation, easy to use
> 5 minutes to complete the decontamination operation, high flux
> Completely inactivated pollutants
> stable, consistent effect
> Reduce laboratory consumable costs
> Workflow integration


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High fidelity RNA library construction, sequencing and micro-channel decontamination, pipette, water, metal, ceramic, plastic, glass and other surface decontamination in PCR laboratory, can remove RNase, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pollutants .