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Azure BiosystemsTM's SapphireTM NIR-Q Multifunction Laser Biomolecular Imaging System features two channels for near-infrared fluorescence detection (700nm and 800nm) and a third channel for detection of total proteins, standardizing multiple Western blotting It's a breeze.
You can continue to use the same NIR dye while adding total protein stains such as our low background and easy to use AzureRed reagents. Two different protein and total protein signals can be detected without stripping and re-incubation.
Quantitation is simple, efficient, and uses the most accurate method for standardization of Western blots - using total protein normalization instead of the original housekeeping protein.
It is also possible to avoid incubation of specific third protein antibodies for standardization to simplify the process of obtaining different primary-secondary antibodies from different species.
· Quantitative more accurate
Sapphire NIR-Q with 658nm, 785nm and 520nm triple laser excitation, combined with AzureRed stain, can be used for dual-channel near-infrared fluorescence detection and total protein detection to improve quantitative accuracy.

· More flexible detection
Sapphire NIR-Q has a large imaging area for multiple imprinting images; resolutions up to 10 μm, finer scanning, imaging of slides and tissue; confocal design for scanning cell samples and 3D samples.
· More flexible platform design
An open platform that is compatible with existing analytical processes; intuitive acquisition software that simplifies the analysis process; compatible with a wide range of common dyes.
· Modular design
Upgradeable phosphor screen imaging, chemiluminescence and white light imaging for more flexible applications.